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in Uniontown, PA: Marshall's Monuments

Variety and Craftsmanship

Nestled in the heart of Uniontown, Pennsylvania, Marshall’s Monuments stands as a testament to the region’s commitment to preserving memories and honoring legacies. For decades, this revered establishment has provided the community with meticulously crafted memorials ranging from classic headstones to artistic vases. Each piece is a blend of dedicated craftsmanship and heartfelt sentiment, ensuring that every life remembered through Marshall’s Monuments remains immortalized in stone. Visit our gallery to view our available headstones, lettering, candles, and more. Call Marshall’s Monuments at (724) 438-5200 to discuss memorial options for your loved ones today.

Marshall's Monuments Creates Memorials that Stand the Test of Time

Uniontown’s Marshall’s Monuments stands as a beacon for those seeking to immortalize their memories. Through their extensive offerings and commitment to quality, they ensure that every story, whether of a beloved family member, a cherished pet, or a significant event, is etched in stone, standing the test of time.

Pet Grave Markers
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Specialized Offerings

Marshall’s Monuments is not limited to just the creation of monuments for loved ones. They understand that pets, too, are an integral part of many families. As such, pet grave markers are available, allowing families to remember their furry companions with the same degree of respect and love as they would any family member. These markers, like all products at Marshall’s Monuments, are crafted with precision and care, ensuring durability and lasting memories.

Embellish the memory of your loved ones with the grace of our finely crafted vases and the gentle glow of commemorative candles. Each vase from Marshall’s Monuments offers a vessel for the beauty of floral tributes, while our candles cast a comforting light, symbolizing the enduring presence of those who have passed. These tender accents, perfect for your memorial needs, bring a personal touch to your remembrances, ensuring that every homage paid is as unique and special as the life it honors.

Marshall's Monuments is Under New Leadership

Marshall’s Monuments, a historic cornerstone in Uniontown for over a century, has embarked on a new journey with the Ciaccia family at its helm. Nick Ciaccia, alongside his mother Cathy and Uncle Danny Asmonga, is carrying on Frank Mulich’s enduring legacy. Frank is retiring after leading the company since 1993. With an eye on the future, Jake Ciaccia stepped in as general manager, ready to embrace the heritage of quality while steering the business towards technological advancements. Potential changes in the future include new CAT programs, printers, artwork, and sandblasting machines. Committed to the craft and their customers, the Ciaccias will continue serving a broad region with the same compassion that has defined Marshall’s Monuments through the ages.