Memorials and Monuments
in Monongalia County, WV by Marshall's Monuments

Create Lasting Memories in Morgantown and Surrounding Communities

Marshall’s Monuments, amidst the picturesque landscapes of West Virginia, has etched its legacy as a premier provider of memorials and monuments. As guardians of memories, we resonate deeply with the rich traditions, values, and spirit of those who live in Morgantown, Cheat Lake, Bruceton Mills, and the surrounding Monongalia County, WV. Every piece we craft speaks volumes, intertwining with the stories and souls of the communities we serve.

Our Array of Distinctive Services in Morgantown, WV, and Surrounding Areas

With the diverse needs of West Virginia’s residents at heart, Marshall’s Monuments offers a range of expert services to immortalize memories and legacies:


Our meticulously crafted headstones are more than stone markers; they are timeless sentinels that echo tales of life, legacy, and profound memories.

Pet Grave Markers:

Recognizing the depth of love and connection families share with their furry friends, we ensure these beloved companions are remembered with markers that resonate with affection and honor.


Ignite the flame of memory with Marshall’s Monuments’ commemorative candles – the perfect beacon to celebrate the luminous spirit of your cherished ones.


Enhance the sanctity of remembrance with our exquisite collection of vases, designed to cradle the beauty of floral homage at the final resting place of your loved ones with dignity and grace.

Maintenance & Repair Services:

Ensuring that every monument remains as pristine as the day it was erected, our services encompass resettling, leveling, and more, retaining the dignity and grandeur of each piece.

Refinishing Services:

Harnessing the power of lithium chrome, we bring a renewed glow to aging stones, ensuring they continue to gleam as beacons of cherished memories.


With precision and artistry, our lettering services ensure that every name, date, and heartfelt message is etched with clarity, lasting through the sands of time.

A Legacy of Dedication in Bruceton Mills and All Communities in Monongalia County

To the people of Monongalia County, WV, Marshall’s Monuments represents more than a business; it’s a commitment. A commitment to understanding, compassion, and crafting pieces that truly mirror the heart of the stories they tell. We take pride in weaving memories into stone, ensuring that every tale, emotion, and legacy stands tall and proud for generations to come in Morgantown, Cheat Lake, Bruceton Mills, and all of Monongalia County, WV.