Memorials and Monuments
in Greene County, PA by Marshall's Monuments

A Pillar of Remembrance in Greene County

In the serene landscapes of Greene County, PA, Marshall’s Monuments stands as a symbol of respect, tradition, and enduring memories. Over the years, we’ve been the trusted choice for families seeking to honor their loved ones with monuments that speak volumes. Every stone and inscription we craft is imbued with the rich history and values of the communities in Greene County including Waynesburg, Carmichaels, Rices Landing, and more, echoing tales of lives well-lived.

Monumental Services Tailored for You in Waynesburg, PA, and Surrounding Greene County

Marshall’s Monuments, with its dedicated team, provides a diverse array of services, each designed to encapsulate and immortalize memories for families across Greene County:


As timeless sentinels of memories, our headstones are carved with utmost precision, echoing tales of love, loss, and legacies that span generations.

Pet Grave Markers:

Understanding the unique bond families share with their pets, we craft markers that offer a fitting tribute to these cherished companions, immortalizing the joy and love they brought.


Ignite the flame of memory with Marshall’s Monuments’ commemorative candles – the perfect beacon to celebrate the luminous spirit of your cherished ones.


Enhance the sanctity of remembrance with our exquisite collection of vases, designed to cradle the beauty of floral homage at the final resting place of your loved ones with dignity and grace.

Maintenance & Repair Services:

As time weathers even the mightiest stones, our expert team ensures that every monument remains in its prime. From resettling to leveling, we uphold the dignity of every memory.

Refinishing Services:

Using advanced lithium chrome techniques, we rejuvenate and restore stones to their original glory, ensuring they continue to shine as beacons of memories.


Every word holds profound meaning. With our meticulous lettering services, we ensure that names, dates, and inscriptions remain etched in stone and heart, clear and everlasting.

Beyond Stones: A Commitment to Greene County's Heart

At Marshall’s Monuments, it’s never just about the stone. It’s about the emotions, stories, and cherished memories they represent. With every monument we craft, we engage deeply with families in Waynesburg, Carmichaels, Rices Landing, etc., understanding their needs and translating their sentiments into lasting tributes.

For the families of Greene County, PA, Marshall’s Monuments is more than a monument provider; it’s a legacy. A legacy of trust, unparalleled craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to preserving memories for eternity. Contact Marshall’s Monuments for assistance in creating a memorial for your loved one in Waynesburg, Carmichaels, Rices Landing, and other communities throughout Greene County, PA.