Memorials and Monuments
in Westmoreland County, PA by Marshall's Monuments

Celebrating Legacies in Westmoreland County

In the heart of Westmoreland County, PA, Marshall’s Monuments stands as a pillar of remembrance and respect. With years of experience and deep roots in the community, we’ve established ourselves as the premier choice for those seeking to pay tribute to their loved ones. Our commitment to Scottdale, Mount Pleasant, and all communities throughout Westmoreland County is unwavering, with every monument crafted resonating with the local traditions and values that the community holds dear.

Diverse Services to Honor Every Memory in Scottdale, PA, and Surrounding Communities

Marshall’s Monuments prides itself on a holistic range of services, each tailored to meet the unique needs of Westmoreland County’s families:


Each headstone is meticulously crafted, representing the life and memories of the departed, ensuring they have a lasting mark in the sands of time.

Pet Grave Markers:

Pets play a crucial role in our lives, and their memories deserve to be cherished. Our pet grave markers serve as a heartfelt tribute to these loyal companions.


Ignite the flame of memory with Marshall’s Monuments’ commemorative candles – the perfect beacon to celebrate the luminous spirit of your cherished ones.


Enhance the sanctity of remembrance with our exquisite collection of vases, designed to cradle the beauty of floral homage at the final resting place of your loved ones with dignity and grace.

Maintenance & Repair Services:

With time, even the most resilient monuments need care. From resettling to leveling, our team ensures that each monument remains as majestic as the day it was erected.

Refinishing Services:

Using state-of-the-art lithium chrome, we rejuvenate aging stones, restoring their original sheen and ensuring they continue to shine bright.


Precision, clarity, and durability are the hallmarks of our lettering services, making sure every inscription tells its story clearly.

A Tradition of Excellence in Mount Pleasant, PA and Surrounding Westmoreland County

At Marshall’s Monuments, it’s more than just crafting stones; it’s about understanding the emotions, stories, and memories that each monument represents. Our team, dedicated and skilled, collaborates with families, ensuring their vision is transformed into reality with precision and emotion.

In essence, to the families of Westmoreland County, PA, Marshall’s Monuments is not just a service provider; it’s a trusted partner in preserving memories, celebrating lives, and cherishing bonds. Rely on Marshall’s Monuments to help you memorialize your loved ones in Mount Pleasant, Scottdale, and the surrounding Westmoreland County, PA.